Thursday, November 1, 2012

Candy Cane Dress

This is my favorite dress that I made for my daughter.  I call it my Candy Cane dress.  As my lil girl wears it I see how it flows around her and layers so nicely.  I give myself some props on this one cause it's cute as hell!

This dress is an upcycling of two tshirts to create this one.  The neck line was kept as  I cut the pattern because I liked the trim.  Sewing it up was so easy and keeping the neckline eliminated the step of needed a neckline.  Lining it up at the shoulders was easy enough.

Cutting the stripes I measured out 4 inches width and tiered the layers and lengths so that they complimented them. 

I kept the last layered finished commercially stitched hem to keep it looking "store bought".

The sleeves have a rolled edge for a flare and it's been something I have been utilizing lately and well..  I like it!
So as you can see, she's back in her favorite boots!  But this time it works with the dress.  Like I said, I really impressed myself by mashing up two tshits to make this one dress.  It's uber comfy for her and she really likes it.  That's all that matters!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tiger Lily Princess dress

Okay!  My first posting of something I created.  My daughter is my little doll that I can dress up!  My style is flashy and draws out the wow affect in those viewing my work. 

This dress I created in honor of Halloween, because let's face it; Halloween is the best holiday ever! Seeing the cutesy princess dresses hitting the web I decided to put my own spin on the occasion and was I ever impressed with the out come!

 My Daughter has a serious attachment to those red ladybug boots, which you will see in more posts that this is her signature style!   Ok!  So how freaking cute is this dress?!   I created the entire pattern and fabrics  I used is knits and flannel.  Oh yeah, you heard right.  Flannel.  everything that is orange tiger stripes is flannel.  Shocking right to see the sleeves puffed and the skirt flare.  I'm sure after multiple washes and wearing it will have lost a lot of the poofiness.  But for now ..  Ooo and Ahhh appropriately please!
She really likes this  dress because of the flare of the skirt.  Making the skirt I used the circle skirt formula of  waist circumference plus 2 inches and divide that by 6.28. This is radius of the top of the skirt.  I eyeballed how long I wanted.  In reality, I went as long as I could with the fabric I had. 
I serged on the waistband that was measured 20 inches, my daughter's waist.  Hemming the skirt consisted of stitching on the gathered tulle and sewing over the edge the shiny trim.  It made it pop so hard I was jonesing to wear it myself!
The top was a conversion of a pattern I made from a typical top.  I cut an almost V shape the same width of the center front piece.  I sewed on a piece of black knit to both front halves and covered the seam with the shiny trim.   I created facing pieces for the front and back neckline to stabilize and create the hem. 
The poofy sleeves I created a larger sleeve and gathered it at the shoulders so the sleeve poofs up.  I did a simple hem.  The long sleeves were then sewed on while securing the facing in its hemline.
Closing up the side seams from sleeves to waist.  I lastly, connected the top to the bottom skirt creating one dress.  I took roughly 2.5 hours to complete this.

I am so in love with this circle skirt that I can see me doing a few more of these!   Cuteness all around, no?
Hope you enjoyed this!  Look out for more exciting posts!