Thursday, November 1, 2012

Candy Cane Dress

This is my favorite dress that I made for my daughter.  I call it my Candy Cane dress.  As my lil girl wears it I see how it flows around her and layers so nicely.  I give myself some props on this one cause it's cute as hell!

This dress is an upcycling of two tshirts to create this one.  The neck line was kept as  I cut the pattern because I liked the trim.  Sewing it up was so easy and keeping the neckline eliminated the step of needed a neckline.  Lining it up at the shoulders was easy enough.

Cutting the stripes I measured out 4 inches width and tiered the layers and lengths so that they complimented them. 

I kept the last layered finished commercially stitched hem to keep it looking "store bought".

The sleeves have a rolled edge for a flare and it's been something I have been utilizing lately and well..  I like it!
So as you can see, she's back in her favorite boots!  But this time it works with the dress.  Like I said, I really impressed myself by mashing up two tshits to make this one dress.  It's uber comfy for her and she really likes it.  That's all that matters!


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